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Four-year colleges: bachelor’s degree-seeking students (NCES)
First-time, full-time degree-seeking undergraduates seeking a bachelor's degree.

Four-year colleges: other degree-seeking students (NCES)
First-time, full-time undergraduates seeking any non-bachelor's degree or certificate. Expected graduation time for these programs varies.

Two-year colleges: all degree-seeking students (NCES)
First-time full-time degree seeking students at 2-year colleges. The expected completion time for these programs varies.

Four-year public colleges: Full-time undergraduate students (VSA)
The Voluntary System of Accountability data includes information on transfer students and continuing enrollment for participating public four-year colleges.

Graduation Rates

About the VSA graduation rates

These statistics come from the Voluntary System of Accountability’s Student Success and Progress rate. The numbers are based on student cohort data from the National Student Clearinghouse for first-time, full-time students and full-time transfer students. About half of 4-year public institutions we examined have reported these data. Because it’s linked to a particular student instead of an institution, these figures can show outcomes for students who enter and leave a particular college. More about this data.
Graduated from this college

Graduated from another college
Enrolled at this college

Enrolled at another college
Not graduated or enrolled

First-time, full-time students

Status after four years
Status after six years

Full-time transfer students

Status after four years
Status after six years


of all students graduated within four years in 2013


percentage point change from 2002 to 2013
Racial groups with fewer than 20 students in any year cannot be viewed separately using the drop-down menu, but they are included in the totals for ‘All races.’

of all  counted students
graduated in four years

graduated in six years
U.S. average, 4-year publics
White  students
U.S. average, 4-year publics
Black  students
U.S. average, 4-year publics
Asian  students
U.S. average, 4-year publics
Hispanic  students
U.S. average, 4-year publics
American Indian  students
U.S. average, 4-year publics

How much of the 2007 entering class was included in the graduation rate?


Left out

Not all undergraduates are included in the official graduation rate. The U.S. omits part-time freshmen and those who have attended college before, among others, from its graduation-rate survey. The outcomes for those students are not known.


Completions per 100 students

A ratio which shows the total number of undergraduate-level completions (degrees and certificate programs of at least one year in length) per total 100 full-time equivalent undergraduates, based on total credit hours taken. It's the three-year average for 2011, 2012, and 2013, and includes all undergraduate students, not only the first-time, full-time ones.

completions per 100 full-time equivalent undergraduates
Ore. 4-year publics
U.S. Average, 4-year publics

Educational spending per completion

Estimated educational spending (expenses related to instruction, student services, academic support, institutional support, operations and maintenance) per academic award in 2013. Includes all certificates and degrees.

educational spending per completion
Ore. 4-year publics
U.S. Average, 4-year publics

In Context

This chart shows how this college compares with all 4-year public colleges in the U.S.
Low Middle High

4-Year graduation rate

bachelor's-seeking undergrads

6-Year graduation rate

bachelor's-seeking undergrads

Median SAT score


Student aid

per undergraduate recipient

Pell Grants

% of undergraduates


assets per FTE enrollment

Freshman retention

% of full-time freshmen

Full-time faculty

portion of all faculty
Peer group

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