4.3 million freshmen started college in fall 2004.

What colleges did they graduate from?
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What happened to the rest of them?
Montana State University at Bozeman
938 graduates

Public universities 487,000

Public universities

Community colleges 119,000

Community colleges

Private colleges 292,000

Private colleges

For-profits 121,000

For-profit colleges

1.2 million aren’t counted

It’s impossible to know whether many freshmen graduated or not, because the U.S. government simply doesn’t track them. Part-time students are among those not counted.

2.1 million didn’t officially graduate

This number isn’t exact, because it includes both drop-outs and students who started at one college and graduated from another.


Top-performing colleges with at least 200 freshmen per year

Public university
University of Georgia
43% Six-year graduation rate
Community college
University of Georgia
43% 150% graduation rate
Private college
University of Georgia
43% Six-year graduation rate
For-profit college
University of Georgia
43% 150% graduation rate
These numbers are estimates based on a Chronicle analysis of the entering fall 2004 class at 3,800 colleges. More information.


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Students Who Don’t Count

Transfers, people who take a year off, and part-time students’ all a growing group of enrollees are not included in national data about who finishes college.

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Seven higher-education experts assess the meaning behind the measurements.

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Notable Colleges

Start exploring the data to find your own stories—here are a few colleges to get you started.
Washington and Lee University
Graduation rate within 100 percent of normal time, the highest rate overall for sizable 4-year private institutions. Get details
Hebrew Theological College
Graduation rate within six years, markedly lower than most faith-related institutions. Get details
University of Florida
Graduation rate within six years for Hispanic students at an institution with minimal completion gaps between under-represented minority students and the overall undergraduate body. Get details